# Music On Hold

The PBX allows you to easily update you Music On Hold stream from within the customer portal.

To edit your Music On Hold stream, click the 'Music On Hold' button from the PBX main menu.

Select the Music On Hold stream you wish to modify.

On this page you can see the current files in the stream, and can use the 'Download' button to download a copy.

Warning!: Clicking 'Delete' is permenant and non reversable, so always download a copy first!

TIP: The PBX requires the sound file to be in .wav format.

To add a new file to the stream, click 'Select'.

When you are ready to upload the file, click 'upload'.

Note: When you update the sound files in the stream, they will continue to play until finished before the new sound files will begin.

Last Updated:: 2/26/2021, 3:32:10 PM