# Integrations

Third-party application integrations are now available through the new “Integrations” application.

Integrations allow a uPBX Administrator to set trigger events (webhooks) and deliver data to your third party application in real-time using API technology.

# Enable the Integrations Application

To enable integrations, select 'Applications' from the PBX homepage.

Scroll down and enable the 'Integrations' option.

# Configuring Integrations

To configure an integration, select 'Integrations' from the 'Active Applications' menu on the PBX homepage.

Click 'Create New Integration'.

On this page you can now configure your Integration. Click 'Save' when finished.

# Activate / Deactivate Integrations

Here you can view, enable, and disable integrations on the PBX.

  • To edit an existing Integration, click
  • To disable an active Integration, click
  • To activate a disabled Integration, click
  • To delete an Integration, click . Note: Only disabled Integrations can be deleted.
Last Updated:: 3/15/2021, 10:46:58 AM