# Conference Calls

There are two ways to access the Hosted PBX conference bridge.

  • A dedicated inbound number.
  • A virtual extension. (internal use speed dial).

Note: Each inbound call on your conference line will count toward you PBX channel count. If you are unsure how many channels you have available, contact your administrator.

# Creating an dedicated inbound conference number

From the PBX homepage, select 'Call Routing.

If you are modifying an existing an existing call route, click 'view/edit' next to the number you wish to modify, otherwise click 'Add Call Route'.

When creating a call route for a Conference line, you will need to fill in the following information:

Timezone: This will be used to ensure correct timestamps.

Phone Number: This is the inbound number you will be using.

Call Alert Name: This is mostly for your reference.

Optional Step:

If you wish to enable a passcode, check 'Caller Passcode' and enter in a Passcode.

The last thing you'll need to configure is the 'Activity':

  • Activity Type: Conference (Basic)
  • Activity: Choose a conference room number

Click 'Save'.

Your changes are now ready to 'Apply' to your PBX.

Click 'Apply PBX Changes'.

# Creating a virtual extension

Creating a virtual extension directly to the conference room will allow you to reduce the number of channels in use during your conference.

To begin, select 'Virtual Extensions' from the PBX homepage, then click 'Add Virtual Extension'.

Enter the following information:

  • Name: This is for your reference.
  • Extension Number: This is the 3 or 4 digit speed dial number.
  • Activity Type: Conference Basic
  • Activity: Select a conference room number.

Click 'Save'.

Your changes are now ready to 'Apply' to your PBX.

Click 'Apply PBX Changes'.

Last Updated:: 2/26/2021, 3:32:10 PM