# Hosted PBX Call Codes

# Eavesdropping

Eavesdropping enables the ability to listen, or 'eavesdrop‘ on a call. This is useful for call centre training operations where a supervisor or manager can listen in to an agents live call and provide realtime feedback.

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# In-Call Shortcuts

# Group Intercept

  • Used to pickup a ringing call from within a Pickup Group. Dial ** to pickup a call ringing on a different handset.

    Note: This only works when in the same 'pickup group'.

# Direct Intercept

  • Used to pickup a ringing call on any extension on the PBX. Dial ** followed by the extension number you wish to pickup.

    EG: ** 101

# Adhoc Call Recording

  • Dial #8 during a call to enable an adhoc recording. Dialling #8 a second time will end the recording.

Note: This will only start / stop the adhoc recording, if you have call recordings enabled globally, they will be unaffected by this.

# Voicemail

# Accessing Personal Voicemail

  • Dial 777 to access your Voicemail. Enter your PIN when prompted.

# Accessing Another Users Voicemail

  • Dial 778 to access another users Voicemail. Enter the Extension Number followed by the PIN when prompted.

# Directly Dial Another Users Voicemail

  • Dial 6 followed by the Extension Number of the user.

# Vertical Service Codes

# Enable Click-to-Dial

  • Dial 12345 to enable Click-to-Dial.

# Delayed Echo Test:

  • Used to test audio quality. Dial 9195 and we'll repeat back to you after 5 seconds.

# Instant Echo Test:

  • Same as delayed echo test, only instant. Dial 9196 and we'll repeat back to you.

# Milliwatt Test:

  • Dial 9197 for a Milliwatt Test.

# Music On Hold Test:

  • Dial 9199 to listen to you Music on Hold Stream.
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