# Getting Started

# How Telair's Hosted PBX Works

Telair's Hosted PBX works by routing (or "sending") incoming calls (via Call Routes) to a feature (such as a Day/Night function or an Announcement). This feature is actioned based on how it is configured, and the call then flows onto a new feature to action. This is then repeated until that call reaches its final destination - such as going to voicemail, ringing on a phone, being placed in a ring group, or flowing into a call queue.

Before configuring your Call Routes, you must, therefore, configure the features first; essentially configuring the system from back to front or from the end of the call to the beginning.

You will find below two examples of call routes/flow; one Basic and one Complex.

# Call Flow Examples

# Example: A basic call-flow configuration:

# Example: A complex call-flow configuration:

# How to configure a new PBX

Note: These steps should performed in the order listed below.

  1. Configure User Extensions (note: extensions will already be created for you, ready for configuration)
  2. Create & Configure Recorded Sounds
  3. Create Announcements
  4. Create & Configure Ring Groups and/or Call Queues
  5. Create & Configure Day/Night Conditions
  6. Create & Configure Auto Attendants (IVRs)
  7. Create & Configure your Call Routing

If you have a custom Music on Hold sound file you would like to play while your external calling parties are on hold, you can configure this at any time.

# Hosted PBX Configuration Portal

To log into the management portal navigate to https://mycloud.telair.com.au and enter your Username & Password.

Once logged in, you'll see a selection of options based on your users permissions. By default you'll be taken to the 'My Services' page. Expand the 'Voice' list and select the PBX you wish to manage.

TIP! Click 'My Account' to modify your account information.

# Hosted PBX Dashboard

The Hosted PBX Dashboard can be used by management to easily view statistics and pull reports on the PBX. https://myclouddb.telair.com.au

For more information on how to use the dashboard, click here.

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