# Call Recordings

New Feature: In order to meet PCIDSS Compliance, we have enhanced the call recording functionality to enable an Agent to 'mute' a recording while taking payment or other personal information.

While an Agent is on an active call, they will be offered the following call recording options:

  • Start/Stop Recording this Arrangement: When 'started' the main call recording will continue to run, and a new recording will be started. This enables you to capture just the relevant part of the call into a small file. When 'stopped', only the arrangement is stopped and the main recording will continue to record.

  • Stop All Recordings: This will stop all recordings, including any arrangements.

  • Mask/Unmask Recording: This will mute the audio the recording. (Typically used while taking credit card payments).

Last Updated:: 2/26/2021, 3:32:10 PM